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Integrating Print into Your Sales Process

Posted by Chris Downey on 18 April 2017

Integrating Print into your Sales Process 

Every company and sales person has a way they go about finding prospects and turning them into loyal customers. In today's world of digital technology customers are being inundated with information from companies in the form of email, phone calls,  websites , Adwords , print, radio, tv ads, you tube and the list goes on.

The question is how do you stand out and get noticed by your current customers and prospects?

For me I use a combination of Email Marketing , Phone calls , directing people to our website through Ad Words and of course Print!
To have your sales effort count make sure you are doing these things when it comes to print.

1. Target your customers with Print

From my days at Xerox being taught how to write value props I learned that the most effective way to turn a prospect into a customer is by relating to them and proving to them that you have a service that will improve their business.   Now how do you do this through print? First you need to have a database of customers with good information, Create print collateral that speaks to your prospective customer and not just generic overviews of your information. Create something real that will compel your prospects to want to talk to you.

2. Provide a high quality product

The choices are endless when it comes to paper stocks and the ways you can print these days.  There are a few things you need to do when it comes to creating your next printed piece. Make sure you pick a quality stock for your business cards brochures etc. Nothing looks worse than a business card printed on a flimsy stock from your home printer.  Also, make sure all your contact info phone number email website etc is on your printed piece including a call to action. Contact Us, check out our website etc.

3. Stand Out

Don't be the company who sends me a brochure in the mail once with nothing interesting on it. Too many times I have heard sales people say I tried sending out flyers but I never heard anything back.  Clearly you didn't stand out. If you're going to send print through the mail you better know your target person name address etc , Stand out with a custom piece , die cut shape or some crazy design to get your prospect to open it up.

4. Follow Up

Last but by far the most important piece of using print as a sales tool is following up with your prospect.  Pick up the phone! Hi Mr customer I was at your place on x day and dropped off my card and presentation on x widget. What did you think? Can we book a meeting to discuss how I have helped x company implement the same widget? Or in other cases keep sending print , a great example of this is Bell. They have sent me offers in the mail every month for the past two years. Rogers has annoyed me enough this year that  I'm going to switch from Rogers to Bell in the next few months once my contract ends.

The moral of the story is without following up you have wasted your effort and should not print any sales material for your prospects. 

Start your next print project off on the right foot and follow these ideas above. If you are not sure where to start feel free to give me a call and we can discuss how to get the results you are looking for on your next print project.

Chris Downey

Print Consultant

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